Sunday, 4 October 2015

Historic Denbigh at Cobbitty

Historic Denbigh at Cobbitty Open Day 10 October 2015.

Open Day

The Denbigh Open Day is a rare opportunity to view one of the area's premier historic colonial properties. Denbigh was part of land grant to Sydney merchant Charles Hook in 1812. The property was then sold in 1827 to 'The Galloping Parson" Rev Thomas Hassall.

The earliest part of the house was constructed by Hook  in 1817, and added to by Thomas Hassall in 1838.

The State Heritage Inventory states:
The homestead is sited in contrast with the surrounding open agricultural land and is complimented by the half circle of hills which define Denbigh's landscape character. In terms of elevation and character, the buildings and trees have been sited in a manner influenced by John Claudius Loudon, the Scottish writer on landscape taste. 

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