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Picton hits the right note

Picton Brass Band (cc Turbosquid)

Picton District Brass Band in Camden

In 1933 the Picton District Brass Band performed at the opening of the new Paramount Theatre in Camden Wednesday 22 February. DJ Kennedy, the proprietor of the picture show, expressed his thanks and screened the musical 'Love Me Tonight' with Jeanette MacDonald and Maurice Chevalier.


The Picton District Brass Band was originally formed up in 1886 and provided a lively performance at the Picton Show under the musical direction of J Douglas.

Band struggling

By the 1890s the band was struggling to survive and eventually went into recess in the late 1890s.

Band re-forms

The band re-formed in June 1915 and Mr Chapman from Campbelltown was appointed as musical director. A plain and fancy dress masked ball was held at the Protestant Hall in aid of the band. The attendance 'was exceptionally huge' and a great success with the hall packed with dancers from 'all over the district'. (Picton Post 14 July 1915) Band practice was held on Thursday nights.


The bandmaster during 1916 was Mr Greenway. By July the band was looking for a new bandmaster. On applicant in September was Mr Leabeater from the Australian Light Horse Infantry Camp at Menangle Race Course. On a warm afternoon in December the band played a recital in Victoria Park Picton and took a collection of four pounds.

Band making progress

By the late 1920s the band was making solid progress in a variety of directions under the bandmaster, JF Fromholtz. The band patron was BH Antill, and others positions were president, AH Edwards, vice-presidents, Dr Iceton, Mrs James, AR Davison, EA Eagles, JT Ashcroft, FH Woods, secretary Ernest Sell, treasurer, Frank White, and committee members were J James, AV Lindsay, Leo Ashcroft, C Edwards, AV Baldwin, F Stott, JM Ashcroft, and librarian J Cox. The band had a credit balance of 24 pounds. (Picton Post, 18 January 1928).

Picton District Band Ball 1928

 In April 1928 the band opened the ball season with the  annual band ball in Picton at the town hall. Although there was a second ball on in Picton on the same night 70 couples attended. Bandsmen had 'tastefully' decorated the hall. Mrs Ashcroft was in charge of the supper tables and had decorated them with different types of flowers which had been donated by Mrs Rutter and Mrs West. Music was supplied by the Ashcroft Jazz Band and Mrs Ingleton's Orchestra. The MC was Mr Eb Davis of Thirlmere, the door-keepers were Mr Woods and Blatch and ticket-sellers Mr Stott and Moraghan. Band members wives Mrs Stott, Loader, A Graham, Cullen, James, Edwards, Ashcroft and Fromholtz provided waiting service on the tables. The Monte Carlo Waltz was won by Miss New and Mr Cavanagh. The band opened the proceedings with 20 members under the baton of Bandmaster Fromholtz. They played a lively programme of music in the 'garden delectable' of the Town Hall. The evening made a handsome profit which was to be spent on new instruments. The band thanked the community for their support and financial help. (PP 11 April 1928)

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