Friday 23 January 2015

Camden Town Farm

Camden Community Garden (image by Steve)

Summer at the Community Gardens

The Camden Community Garden provides benefits to the local Camden community. It is located on the Exeter Street frontage and being close to the local produce markets venue has given the gardens a great connection with the overall site. The alluvial soils of the Nepean River together with many years of dairy cattle grazing have proved a bonus for the establishment of a garden. The unique platypus shape layout reflects the Council logo and community aim for environmental sustainability, as well as the unconfirmed sightings on the Nepean River.

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Weddings and more at Town Farm

Wedding at Camden Town Farm January 2015
The Camden Town Farm is now available for weddings, functions and other events.

The farm is located on the former dairy farm owned by local identity Llewella Davies. Miss Davies lived opposite the farm in Exeter Street and would be regularly seen around the town area.

The farm is located on the picturesque Nepean River floodplain adjacent to the town centre fronting Exeter Street on the north-western side of the township.

The Camden Produce Markets are held on a regular basis next to the community gardens.

Camden Community Gardens

The Camden Community Gardens are on the Camden Town Farm on the edge of the Camden Town Heritage Precinct. They are located on the Nepean River floodplain with extensive river frontages. The adjacent Town Farm hosts community markets, food festivals, concerts, fishing competitions and a host of other events. The rustic farm shed which dates from the early 20th century has recently been sensitively restored. 

Garden plots with a friend

Community gardening is an ever increasingly popular pastime. The Camden Community Garden at Llewella Davies Town Farm is one of these in our local area.

The Camden Community Garden started in 2009. In 2011 Camden Council employed a project officer to co-ordinate the garden project.

It currently has around 70 active members who tend their own plots.

The Old Dairy
Old Dairy at Community Garden (S Cooper)

Adjacent to the garden  is the old dairy building from Llewella Davies farm. It is a vernacular construction using traditional bush craftsmenship typical of pre-First World War period. The stalls in the dairy were used for hand milking dairy cows on the farm before it was mechanised sometime after the Second World War.

The dairy building was built by one of Camden's bush carpenters who were practical men. They placed their mark on the district and were amongst the first in the Camden area to erect farm buildings. They were also responsible for erecting post & rail fences that were scattered across the farming landscape. One example is to be found in the community garden.

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