Monday 5 December 2016

Review Camden LEP 2010 Phase 1 Minor Amendments

Review Camden LEP 2010 Phase 1 Minor Amendments

Argyle Street Camden 1940 (Camden Images)

Camden Council voted (12 July 2016) to put on public exhibition minor amendments to the Camden LEP 2010 following a Gateway Determination by the Department of Planning and Environment.

Camden Councils website states

The Planning Proposal seeks to improve the overall operation and accuracy of the Camden LEP (2010) by making changes which are administrative or low impact in nature with respect to the following:
  • Administrative review of Schedule 5 (Environmental Heritage); 
  • Comprehensive review of LEP Mapping;
  • Review of LEP clauses & exempt development provisions;
  • Review of Land Use Table; and
  • Review of Schedule 1 (Additional Permitted Uses)

Camden  Council has a number of relevant documents on exhibition:

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