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Kelvin Park, Bringelly, NSW

Kelvin Park Farm Group

The Retreat, Kelvin Park Drive, Bringelly, NSW.
Lot 271  Vol  803167

Kelvin Park Homestead c.2010  (

History and Description
The Kelvin Park Group is part of a 600 acres "Bringelly" land grant originally granted to Thomas Laycock Jnr. He came to Australia with his father, Sergeant Thomas Laycock of the NSW Corps in 1789. Thomas Jnr became a Lieutenant in 1802, left the colony in 1810 and fought for England in the American War of 1812, becoming a Captain. On his return to Australia with his family in 1817 he received the Bringelly grant in 1818. He had the main homestead and surrounding outbuildings of Kelvin Park constructed c.1820. He died here in 1823 and by 1824 the property was bought by J T Campbell former secretary to Governor Macquarie. In 1825 the property was leased by the Australian Agricultural Company.

Kelvin Park was purchased by Alfred Kennerley in 1833, later premier of Tasmania. He lived there until 1856, during this time the double gabled brick coach-house was constructed, c.1851.

Since the mid-19th century the property has had various owners. The group is presently privately owned and occupied.

See also SHI 1970119 (Homestead), 1970139 (Kitchen, former), 1970157 (Staff/Shearer's quarters), 1970164 (Coach House, former), 1970167 (Farm Shed), 1970177 (Farm Shed), 1970445 (Relics) and 1970446 (Site Landscaping). (State Heritage Inventory)

Condition and Use
The buildings are intact, and have a high degree of integrity

The current use is a private residence. Its former use was a Homestead complex, part of working farm (State Heritage Inventory)

Heritage significance
The Kelvin Park Group is an intact complex of early Colonial farm buildings within an attractive, mature garden in a rural hilltop setting. The earlier buildings include an excellent example of an 1820s homestead and associated outbuildings in the form of timber slab sheds. The complex also retains additional relics and structures illustrative of the original functioning of the property. There is the potential to gain more information on the site from further architectural, archaeological and documentary research. (State Heritage Inventory)

Heritage ListingLiverpool LEP 0252
State Heritage Inventory

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