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Tough times for Camden band

Camden District Band c1911 (Camden Images)

Camden Band strikes tough times

The Camden band was re-formed in 1911 as the Camden District Band after the closure of the Camden Town Brass Band in the late 1890s. The band was very active during the First World War playing at a host of wartime patriotic community events. The annual general meeting in 1920 outlined the perilous financial state of the band following the First World War. It was not the only Camden community organisation that suffered from a collapse of support after the war. The band needed to consolidate its position for the peacetime ahead during the Inter-war period. At the time the band was holding rehearsals in the auction rooms of William G Watson in Argyle Street, Camden.

Camden District Band AGM 1920

The annual meeting of the Camden District Band was held on Monday, February 9th. The balance sheet and auditor’s report for the first half of the year was read. The present officers and committee were asked to retain their respective positions for the ensuing six months. It was the wish of the members  to convey a vote of thanks to the business people of Camden and other who kindly contributed  to the band funds; also  to Mr WG  Watson for the use of his auction room and gas light for practices. Owing to the influenza epidemic the band is not in the financial position it might have been. If it had not been for the kindness of the Goulburn Band in lending some of their music, and the help of their bandmaster, Mr Frost, who has had to write a lot of manuscript for the use of the members, the Band would have had to continue with their old pieces alone. The hon. Secretary, Mr AE Doust, is his report, adds, ‘If any of our worthy citizens would care in help this cause by sending  along a donation, the Band would only be too pleased to accept. Seeing that the Band has been in existence for nine years this month, I think it is worthy a little financial sympathy’. The half-yearly balances sheet read as follows:
Receipts: Monthly subscriptions from business people and street collections £11/3/3½d, proceeds of social £4/14/7d; hire of instruments 13/9; balance in bank from last audit £9/13s – Total £26/4/7½d.
Expenditure: Bandmaster, salary from July 2, 1919 to Dec 31, 1919, £16/5s; Furner Bros key and torch wicks, 2s; NA Whiteman, candles and kerosene, 3/9d, music 10/5d, attendants’ pay  £2/12s; rent of hall, social £1/7/6p; tax on social tickets, 7/3d; C Butler, repairs, 3/3d; Yorks prop., instruments, 14s; Camden News 6s; bandmaster’s expenses 10s; money in hand £3/3/5½d – Total £26/4/7½d.
The accounts were audited by Mr AJ Doust.

Source: Camden News 12 February  1920

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