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Hilsyde (formerly Pammenter)

Hilsyde (formerly Pammenter)

56 Hilder Street
Lot 1, DP 1142209
-34.0544292582955, 150.71610061342875

WC Furner and his wife Eliza in their sulky in the front driveway of their home Pammenter (later Hylside) c.1890s. Pammenter was a substantial family home at 56 Hilder Street, Elderslie, built-in 1888. (Camden Images)

History and Description

The house known as Hilsyde (formerly Pammenter) was built in 1888 by Camden builder WC Furner for his family. The property was known as Pammenter at least until the early 1920s. (Wrigley 1983; Camden News, 21 December 1922 )

The main dwelling is a Victorian single-storey brick residence. It has a galvanised iron roof, a bull-nosed verandah, and cast iron columns and brackets. The cottage has rendered brick bay windows on the north fa├žade, brick chimneys and a glass and timber entrance door with side and highlight windows. (BCS 2006)

There is a formal entrance to the property from Hilder Street with ‘an impressive view looking up the driveway to the house’. (BCS 2006)

The house is at the top of a slight rise and set back some distance from Hilder Street. The property is entered from a driveway which circles at the front centre of the house, is lined with vegetation, and continues around the north side of the house. (BCS 2006)

Between 1978 and 2003, the property was conducted as Hilsyde Lodge, a retreat for Christian women workers of The Anglican Deaconess Institution Sydney Ltd.  (Mac Chronicle, 19 October 2010)

Condition and Use

Hilsyde is a privately owned house and retains good integrity and intactness. (HNSW)

Heritage Significance

The house is a representative example of a Victorian-style cottage. (HNSW)

Heritage Listing

Local Environment Plan 2010 LEP Item 1108
NSW State Heritage Inventory 1280087

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