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Belgenny Farm Complex Camden

Belgenny Farm Complex

100 Elizabeth Macarthur Avenue
Lot 11, DP 658458
-34.08322199382272, 150.7040696146956

The stables are the centre, and the community hall is on the left-hand side (K Lee, 2017)

The main courtyard with bell tower and Belgenny cottage in the rear of the image attributed to Henry Kitchen c1821 (BF)

Sketch map used for Father's Day Open Day 2017 (BF)

History and Description

Belgenny Farm is thought to be the oldest surviving group of farm buildings in Australia, dating back to the 1820s.

The main Belgenny cottage was built in several stages, with the earliest part attributed to architect Henry Kitchen in 1821.

The stables complex was built in 1820, originally two separate buildings and combined in 1826 to form one long continuous structure. They are timber framed and clad with iron bark weatherboards. Fasteners are wooden pegs and handmade nails.

The coach house was built in the 1820s and in the 1890s, converted to a creamery and had that use from 1900 to 1928.

The smokehouse was built between the 1830s and 1840s.

The granary was built after 1890, with the upper level used for dry storage of grain, the lower level for storage of machinery.

The carpenter's shop was built around the 1890s by Herb English.

The engine room was constructed around 1900 and used steam, diesel and petrol to drive chaff cutters and other farm equipment.

The community hall was built in 1937 for the estate workers.

The blacksmith’s shop was built in 1937. (Belgenny Farm website)

Condition and Use

Some modifications and conservation of buildings have been undertaken. The integrity the Belgenny Farm complex has remained intact. The site is currently used for educational purposes by schools and for events and functions.

Heritage Significance

Belgenny Farm has historical, aesthetic, social, technical and research significance at local, state and national levels as the oldest group of farm buildings in Australia, with close associations with the Macarthurs, a family instrumental and influential in the development of this country's agricultural, pastoral, horticultural and viticultural industries. It is both representative of the evolution of many rural industrial technologies and a rare example of a place which has few intact survivors. (HNSW)

Aesthetically, Belgenny Farm demonstrates the beauty of vernacular timber buildings in a setting of bucolic charm and with the added significance of the Macarthur family cemetery with its monuments, symbolic plantings and important vistas. (HNSW)

Heritage Listing

Local Environment Plan 2010 LEP Item I-79

NSW State Heritage Inventory ID 3040029

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