Sunday 28 December 2014

Souvenir Teacup

Camden souvenir teacup

Camden souvenir tea cup c.1930s-1940s (Camden Museum/I Willis)

This image shows a souvenir white glazed china tea cup dating from the 1930s-1940s. It is Shelley porcelain ware made in England for Whiteman’s General Store, Camden. The transfer of St John’s Church is dated 1910.

A souvenir, from French for memory, is an object that is treasured for the memories associated with it.

This type of tea cup was sold to tourists who visited Camden on day trips and those who wanted a momento of their visit to the area. 

 Whiteman’s General Store sold a range of these souvenirs. They illustrated natural beauty spots (Nepean River), civic buildings and momuments (war memorial) and indicators of local progress (commercial centres).

 Souvenir tea cups, plates, ash trays and other nic nacks were common for highlighting 'the best' of country towns and Sydney suburbs throughout the 20th century. They complement souvenir teaspoons and other momentos.

 See more of these type of souvenirs at the Camden Museum.
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