Friday 16 October 2015

Men and Machines 2015

Men & Machines 2015

Monster Trucks

Men, muscle cars and mayhem as the Christian cowboys did circle work in the back paddock.
Lots of noise, dirt and dust - good work eh!  Nice circles too. With smooth edges. Not bad either if I do say so myself.

Circle Work

The event attracted a large crowd at site held at Macarthur Anglican School at Cobbitty.
There were a set of wheels to suit every interest and age. From monster trucks to shiny cars to unshiny cars. Monster boats and flying machines - without wheels.

From two wheels to 12 wheel, from flying objects the size of shoe box to the real deal - you could take a ride in a helicopter if you wanted.
Glorious weather let the chrome shine and dazzle the fans.
So much shine on  display that it  blinded you as you inspected the muscle under the bonnet.
Of particular interest was the jet propelled van - yep you got it - a van (actually two) with a jet engine on board - crazy eh!  Fasten you seat belts and get ready for take-off.

Jet Van ready for take-off

For the slower types there were a number of horse drawn wagons that had been lovingly restored - no horses - that was restricted to the metal machines which had hundreds of horses - pretty too!

Lots of horses

To fill you up there was a sizzling sausage sizzle and to cool you down there was the wet water stand.
There was sponsors alley where local businesses displayed their wares - and chatted up potential customers.
Men and women were dazzled by the sizzling entertainment provided at the centrally located stage area - great sound system.
The Crowd

Read more about the event and the sponsors.  click here

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