Thursday 28 April 2016

Elderslie Banksia Scrub - Critically Endangered

Elderslie Banksia Scrub (I Willis)

The Elderslie Banksia Scrub is listed as critically endangered under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995.

Elderslie Banksia Scrub (I Willis)

Common Species
Coastal banksia, Broad-leaf apple

Elderslie Banksia Scrub (I Willis)
It occurs on the alluvial sands in the Elderslie area and there is only around 13 hectares left of the scrub.

The biggest threat is from sandmining in the Elderslie area. The remaining remnants are vulnerable and threatened by invasive weeds.
Elderslie Banksia Scrub disturbed by local road (I Willis)
Recovery and Management
There has been efforts to re-vegetate the Elderslie Banksia Scrub at Spring Farm.

Rehabilitation of Elderslie Banksia Scrub (Microclimate)

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