Saturday 29 April 2017

Huge crowds at Picton's 2017 illumin­ARTe festival

There were huge crowds at Picton's 2017 illumin­ARTe festival this evening Saturday 29 April.

The cold did not deter the crowds with temperatures low enough to demand a coat and scarf. There were hosts of food stalls doing a roaring trade and one of the local cafes ran of out of take-a-way coffee cups.

There was light projects on a number of buildings including the old post office, bank building, church and council chambers.

There was lots for the kids to do out the front of the bowling club.

The crowds were so big that you were slowed to a shuffle in the rows between the stalls, The local families and their kids were out in force enjoying a night out.

There was plenty of musical entertainment at the various stages and the night was topped out with fireworks.

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