Friday 14 August 2020

Pansy Old Right-of-Way at Elderslie

Vellas Fresh Produce Market Gardens

25-85 Camden Valley Way, 

DA  010.2016.00001366.001 

Old Right-of-Way for Camden-Campbelltown Railway

The Old Right-of-Way for Camden-Campbelltown Railway viewed from Kirkham Lane looking towards Camden at the proposed Vella Market Gardens site. 2017 (I Willis)

Camden-Campbelltown  Railway Locomotive at Camden Railway Station

Pansy Locomotive on the Camden-Campbelltown Railway Branch Line in 1950s  seen here at Camden Railway Station (Camden Images)

There is a re-development of a rural property adjacent to the Cowpastures Bridge at Elderslie on the Camden Valley Way (formerly the Hume Highway) with the old right-of-way for the Camden-Campbelltown Light Railway.

The Camden-Campbelltown Railway was an essential part of local transport infrastructure from 1881 to 1963 when the New South Wales Government closed the branch line.

The Vella Markets Garden development site not only has the old right-of-way. Some culverts still exist from the 1950s.

Old Right-Of-Way for Camden-Campbelltown Railway view from Camden Valley Way looking towards Kirkham Lane. The horse's location indicates the line of trees that marks the ROW on site for proposed Vella Market Gardens. 2017 (I Willis)

The old right-of-way is clearly identifiable by the line trees that follow it to Kirkham Lane.

Unfortunately, the developer does not mention this old right-of-way in any of the development documents.

View of Old Right-of-Way for Camden-Campbelltown Railway view from Kirkham Lane looking towards Camden. Camden Valley Way is visible on left of the image. The presence of the embankment for tracks are clearly seen in this image in the proposed site for Vella Market Gardens .2017 (I Willis)

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Updated 10 January 2021, 15 August 2020. Originally posted 27 January 2017.