Monday 23 November 2015

A Camden Heritage Icon and the Campbelltown Heritage List

Local heritage icons


Commercial Bank of Sydney

125 Argyle Street, Camden. Lot 1 DP 986203

Commercial Bank c.1982 (Camden Images) 

History and Description
It was built in 1877-78 to the design of G.A. Mansfield, who did much of the CBC's architectural work at that time. The contractor was C. Furner of Camden. A one storey extension added 1972-73 by Architects Laurie and Heath, sympathetically following the style and detail of the original building. (State Heritage Inventory)

A fine example of the late Victorian Bank buildings to be found in country towns of New South Wales. It is in an Italianate style with a fine stone entrance porch to the main elevation and a cast iron balustraded verandah and balcony to its two storeys. The wisteria vine which climbs over the verandah is considered part of the Bank's aesthetic contribution. (SHI)

The building has a hipped shingle roof with a tiled ridgecap and painted chimneys. The entrance door is a timber framed glass sliding door with a highlight window. The building has arched two pane double hung windows. There are french doors to the first floor verandah. (State Heritage Inventory)

The entrance doors have been converted to automatic sliding doors. Airconditioners have been installed. Single storey extension. National Estate Database)

Condition and Use

The building is in good condition. The building is currently occupied by the NAB, and other small businesses. (SHI)

Heritage Significance

An important and noticeable building in a key position on the corner of Camden's two main streets. It continues to be used for its original purpose and well kept over the years. The building is representative of a Victorian Italianate building. It is part of the John Street Group. (SHI) The bank retains good integrity and intactness. (SHI)

Heritage Listing

LEP 2010 item no 112.
State Heritage Inventory (NSW). Built Heritage.
National Estate Database Australian Heritage Commission

Campbelltown LGA

In the Campbelltown LGA the council has created a central page with a listing of all the important heritage items for the area. The central page below has links to individual pages for items on its heritage list.

Each heritage item has a title, images, history and description, condition and use, heritage significance, and heritage listing (see below for an example).

The advantage of this Campbelltown Council webpage is that it is easy to find, easy to navigate, concise and all in the one place. While it is true that most of the information is available on the State Heritage Inventory. The SHI website is not as easy to use and navigate and it takes a little persistence to find the information that you are after.

Camden LGA

Camden Council has no such equivalent at the Campbelltown LGA heritage list. Its spokesperson stated that it would duplicate  the State Heritage Inventory. This is probably true. Yet the Camden Council website is legalistic and not easy to navigate. While it does provide a link to the SHI it takes quite a deal of time to find it.

If Camden Council were to ever construct a page like the Campbelltown LGA heritage list  then a local heritage item and its listing might look like this:

Read more:
For the Campbelltown LGA Heritage List and Individual Items go to:

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