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Ben Linden another heritage icon

Ben Linden

311 Camden Valley Way, Narellan. Part Lot A   DP 419829.

Ben Linden  (Camden Images/John Kooyman 1997)

 History and Description

Sister Jean Stuckey conducted a private maternity hospital in the handsome bungalow "Ben Linden". 

Historical sources consider that the building was the residence of G S Blackmoor in the late 1920-30's. The building was used as a private school before Miss Stuckey. This is a residence of note include Colonel and Mrs Shaw, the Colonel ran the private school at Studley Park. (SHI)

Built by Blackmoor who ran Jack Cross's former shop. Mr & Mrs Halkett who ran it as a private hospital after the Stuckeys sold it.  
Ben Linden also known as Miss Stuckey’s House is a bungalow and is part of a residential group of buildings.

The house is located within an commercial/industrial area on the Camden Valley Way. The single storey house has a tiled hip and valley roof. The eaves extend to form a verandah over the entry way. The walls appear to be roughcast brick work. The verandah is supported by plain timber posts.(SHI)

Condition and Use

The bungalow and grounds appear generally in good condition.
The building is currently used a residence.

Heritage Significance

An excellent example of Federation dwelling with a prominent position and landscaped surrounds, and extraordinary history of use within the Narellan Town Centre and Camden LGA. It is a now rare, tangible remnant of Narellan Town's development during the Federation period, and along with the former Burton Arms Inn, Public School, St Thomas' Church and grounds, Narellan Hotel, former butcher's shop and cottage, and milk depot, are the historically most important remaining built elements of Narellan Township's history. Its former role as a maternity hospital is likely to embrace social significance within the local community. (SHI)

The recommended management of the building is to conserve and maintain 6 fabric, landscape, setting and property boundary curtilage.  (SHI)

Heritage Listing

Camden LEP  2010  Item No I131

Consult the Camden Heritage List at the Camden LEP 2010 Click here

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