Thursday 12 November 2015

A decked car park for Camden

A decked car park for Camden

Camden Council stand for Oxley Street Car Park at Camden Library

Have you say.

Do you have a view on the proposed decked car park in Oxley Street?
Do you support it?
Do you care?
Camden Council wants to know your view.
There are stands about the proposal at local libraries and other venues.

Camden Council stand at Camden Library

Have your say.
Tell Camden Council what you think.
Write a letter to the local paper.

Tell local councillors what you think. Click here

See more on the Camden Council website Click here

1990s proposals for a decked car park were rejected by council

Are you interested in proposals for a decked car park in Camden in the 1990s?
Did you know that earlier proposals were rejected to Camden Council.
 Read more to see why  click here

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